Image of African Priest

Democracy remains an experiment, but if we may believe Sir Winston Churchill, it is still the least bad of all previous experiments. It is well to be reminded of an inevitable risk of democracy: that extremists will continue to try and gain might and right – in Africa as wellContinue Reading

Grazing cow

Migrating to Pasture Germany has reached a bifurcation point. Required is a visionary decision about our future path. Do we Germans wish to migrate to pasture, or do we wish to remain an industrial nation? Regrettably, we are collectively lacking the necessary understanding, wisdom and determination to beneficially meet theContinue Reading

A wistful and frank article in a respectable German newspaper, on what the authors referred to as “the world’s oldest profession”, set The Cranky Philosopher’s imagination alight. The article was written as a tribute to the “Welthurentag”, celebrated on 2 June in memory of a momentous protest against the exploitationContinue Reading

Monkey raised with cat

Our cover image sports a monkey, possibly of the species Chlorocebus pygerythrus, which was raised with cats. It is claimed to exhibit peculiar behaviour by trying to feed a cat with bananas. How peculiar is this really? Consider that monkeys of the species homo sapiens, who have been raised withContinue Reading

Cartoon of philosopher Diogenes with lantern

I thought you’d ask. Sorry about not having answered that fair question right from the start. If you’ve been raised in a typical European tradition, you’ve most likely learnt about such a guy. I’m thinking of a typical European example, but I’m sure other traditions have their own similar examples.Continue Reading

Image of South African Covid news

A survey undertaken by the Rand Corporation, a non-profit research organization, indicated a high level of vaccine hesitancy and mistrust of COVID-19 vaccines, including among Black health care workers. This underscores widely publicized Great American news reports about the same phenomenon. Reasons included high levels of overall mistrust in vaccines,Continue Reading

US President Biden with halo around his head

The Anointed One is Here! 1 Thessalonians 1:10 “And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come. OK, only joking!! But, beware of the shrewdness of Great American news photographers and reporters, and (tel)evangelists!!!Continue Reading

Plush Brooks Shoes aka clobbers

When plowing though the snow armed with a pair of Plush Brooks Caldera 5 clobbers, you could also kick and trample into submission a grumpy bear confronting you after waking him from hibernation – while he is still dazed, that is. Good news for Great Americans is that with clobbersContinue Reading

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Gender-sensitivity is one of the hottest topics of our society today. The Cranky Philosopher feels compelled to contribute with calm reassurance. The Human Genome Project and the sequencing of the human genome being ‘old hat’ by now, humanity is now firmly embarked on the exciting project of sequencing the humanContinue Reading